Tuesday 5 August 2014

Exercise in pregnancy

Overall I try to be quite healthy and love a balanced life. My diet isn't perfect (working for a chocolate company doesn't help) but I try and balance the good and bad together along with exercise. 
That is until any trimester 1... It all goes out the window. There is no energy for any movement that is not essential and I will eat what I can stomach. This time round it was mainly white carbs. I also ate to keep nausea at bay and it worked but of course it did mean I pilled on the pregnancy pounds quite quickly. I struggle with how much I mind about this. I don't mind in the sense that it's natural and I haven't actually weighed myself this time but I do mind when I don't feel like me and things like my arms are huge and there is something I can do about it. But there's also the fact that it's my third pregnancy and with my eldest only 2 1/2 I feel I need to look after my body a bit of we're going to make it through the next months as pain free as possible. I also have in mind that it's healthy for the baby for me to be moving, definitely good for my sanity and well there's labour at the end of it... You'd train for a marathon wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you try and get your body strong for labour. 

In my previous pregnancies I attended specific yoga and Pilates classes. I love them. This time I'm still attending Pilates but have also joined the gym at work. I'm not doing much but as often as I can (maybe 3/4 times a week) I'm heading down there for 40 minutes instead if my lunch break (then eat at my desk after) to do some exercise and stretching. I've been loving it, although it is calm and not strenuous I've been getting that buzz post exercise, it's certainly helping with the hormonal craziness and sleeping too... Within reason (the baby loves dancing on my bladder!). 

I will cover in later posts what I'm doing in the gym as I have found a brilliant video to follow for all you pregnant ladies but I do think there should be more education around what you should and shouldn't do in pregnancy. I'm not expert but having done Pilates I was shocked when I put on an American pregnancy Pilates DVD on and they were doing sit ups. Not only does this feel wrong but there's the whole issue of tummy separation and trying to prevent it not make it worse by doing sit ups!  In pregnancy you should definitely work on your core muscles but through safe exercises. 

I'd love to know what other people have done to stay fit in pregnancy. 

Sunday 3 August 2014

I'm still here!!

Ok, I've been absent for a while but I've not forgotten about my blog just had some prioritising to do. 

I love my blog but being pregnant, working full time and having two young children something needed to give. After spending most of the day looking at a screen I find it hard to want to look at a screen in the evening too. I also struggle with having pictures to go with my blog. But this is something I'm going to worry about a bit less and just write and get it out there!

So in the past few months baby has been growing well... Too well? Hopefully not but I am big! Comments from my husband "why are you so big, you're much bigger than her". Umm not so helpful! I'm now 26 weeks and trying to stay fit and healthy (more on that soon) but it's been the easiest pregnancy I've had, just hope it stays that way!
The toddlers are good. I now say toddlers as the boy is now 15 months, walking and definitely not a baby anymore and he can tantrum like the best of them, think he's been watching his sister in action! As for her she's chatting more and more, I love it and we've had a very successful day of potty training (second time of asking as the first time was a disaster). 

And for work. Well I'd rather not work but finances mean I have to and due to a good maternity package it stacks up to work full time. Of course being at home is my preference but when I'm at work I have that work ethos that I have to try as hard as I can and do as well as I can. This is paying off at the moment as I applied for, then had an interview for and successfully got a promotion. I'm feeling really proud of myself but have 10 weeks or so before I leave in mid oct to try and prove myself. 

So that's my life in a nutshell over the past few months. I'm hoping to be more regular on there especially with some pregnancy updates! 

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Differences in pregnancy reaction

Being pregnant with number 3 I have to say I'm every bit as excited as with number 1. Sure there are some differences; no lie ins to recoup and not being able to fully focus on the being that is growing in me. But I'm looking forward to it just as much as number 1 or 2. The reaction however when you're pregnant really does change depending on your number. 

Number 1
Wow, the excitement! Everyone is really pleased for you and really excited. You're wrapped up in cotton wool and really taken care of by everyone. You get regular texts from people asking how are you and baby are and you're still treated as a person and not just a baby making machine. 

Number 2
If you do it close together like us (15 months) then you're met with varying reactions. Disbelief and shock often and most people will think you're mad. Strangers will let you know this too. I was so nervous before number 2 was born because the reaction was so negative and speaking to a friend recently who will have an 18 month gap she has experienced largely the same. It was the best thing we ever did, don't let people ruin it for you. 

Number 3
The perception is that it's easy. My body is used to it, the more you do something the easier it becomes? No! Ok for me this has been the easiest pregnancy but this is only because last time I was so sick. It was awful and I dreaded it happening this time to the point that I was put off having another but luckily it's turned out to be completely different to that. But it's just the same as number 1, I'm still anxious until I see the scans, I'm still excited when I hear the heartbeat or get a flutter in my belly but for others it's totally different. People forget to congratulate you. Not a person but people including several family members!! This isn't a rant against them at all just interesting how different it is. 
I sometimes get asked how I am but usually people ask about the kids first. Telling people I'm pregnant is usually met with an air of expectation and an expectation that this is me for the next 10 years, constantly pregnant. Believe me that is not happening! Not many people seem excited this time and not many people check how you are. And for being wrapped up in cotton wool? Forget it - you have to get on like usual and carry on being a human trampoline for the first two. 
The good thing between number 2&3 is that I don't get the same negative reaction. And I'm not nervous this time just excited. People usually say "you'll be busy" which really makes me laugh because life isn't quiet at the moment! I've also had a couple of compliments that I don't look old enough (hooray!!) and that my two must be very good because I don't look very stressed! I'll take those... Let's hope once number 3 comes I'll be looking the same. 

Things were always going to change between pregnancies but sometimes you don't realise how much. I'll be covering another post soon on how friendships change once you have kids, no matter how much you don't want them to change. But perhaps it changes when the bun enters the oven?! Or as each new seed is planted, your old life and how people treated you seems further and further away. I wouldn't change a thing though and I know how lucky I am to be in this position and not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for that. 

I would love to hear other peoples experiences about reactions to their pregnancies. Please let me know!